Roadmap – Step 2: Find Talent

You are ready to hire people with disabilities. How do you find the right fit? You need to:

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Avoid Purple Cows

A poorly written job description acts as a barrier to qualified candidates who can’t get past your screening criteria, but might be the perfect fit. Ever heard of a purple cow? Purple cows exist only in cartoons and our imagination.

However, many employers create overly detailed job descriptions, cutting and pasting from websites and competitive job postings – creating ‘purple cow’ job descriptions. These job postings request unrealistic levels of experience, or un-needed credentials. Purple cow job postings look for overqualified candidates that don’t exist in the real world.

Write inclusive job descriptions. Start by completing a job analysis, that lists only the skills and experience that are truly needed for the job. Then write your inclusive job posting.

You could be missing out on exceptional employees. Avoid purple cows and hire for ability.

Is Your Website Accessible?

Disabilities cover a broad range of abilities. An accessible website would ideally address a broad range of issues to make it usable by the largest number of people.

An accessible website would be designed for people across the disability spectrum – and incorporate features that address auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, neurological, and visual differences.

Some initial features that you might consider when developing an accessible website include:

  • text size
  • colour and contrast of text and images
  • clear and easy to understand language
  • use of descriptive titles and links
  • avoid distracting images or features

Join the movement.  Find and keep the best talent – you will see a clear return on your investment.

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