What you Should Know Before you Start

The Business Case
Hiring people with disabilities is the smart thing to do.

The Numbers
1 in 7 Canadians has a disability. Can you afford to ignore almost 15% of job seekers?

How unconscious bias might be getting in the way
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Disability Can Be

What You Should Know Before You Start

Disability inclusion isn’t just about hiring people with disabilities. It’s also about

  • increased profits
  • lower costs
  • improved productivity.

Your bottom-line will improve and as an added benefit you’ll be helping strengthen Ontario’s economy.

If you have never worked with, or hired, a person with a disability, this website will help you get started. Good business practice and a positive attitude are really all you need to get started. In fact, the most challenging aspect of becoming an inclusive employer can be summed up by the phrase “but that’s the way I’ve always done it.”

If you are not an inclusive employer already, you are falling behind. Your competitors are already familiar with these numbers. Sign up with Magnet today to get started.

The Business Case

Hiring someone with a disability is the smart thing to do – the benefits are clear:

  • Increase your productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction.[1]
  • Increase the size of your skilled labour pool.


Rated average or better in job performance


Higher retention rate.


Lower accident rate. Work more safely


Rated average or better on attendance.

The Numbers

  • People with disabilities are the largest minority group in People with different occupations over the map of Canada indicating the diversity of canadaOntario and growing
  • 8 million Ontarians.
  • 15% of the population

There are so many misconceptions about hiring people with disabilities. View our video about the most common ones and their counter facts.

People with disabilities are an under-utilized talent pool as hard-working and productive as employees without a disability. Approach your recruitment needs differently. The results will pay off.

Designing products and services for this growing market is a business opportunity. Employees with disabilities can offer valuable insight on how to develop new products and services that work better for everyone.

People with disabilities cross all ages, cultures, gender, citizenships, and creed. Unlike other groups, a person can join this group at any point in their life. Most disabilities are acquired as an adult.

Each of us pictures something different when we think about disability. Why? Because disability is variable. Hire for ability – what people can do.