Tips for attracting candidates with disabilities

  1. Embrace the opportunity–Become comfortable and more knowledgeable about hiring people with disabilities. Lose the fear of “getting it wrong.” A Canadian Business SenseAbility membership can provide you with all the support you need to hire confidently.
  2. Clearly signal your inclusiveness–Ensure your website meets theWCAG 0 AA minimum accessibility guidelines. Include equity statements on websites, job postings and application forms such as: "We are an inclusive and accessible employer. For information on our workplace diversity initiatives, including accommodation for people with disabilities, please contact us at or 123–456–7890."
  3. Create fair and inclusive job descriptions and postings.Rather than assume specific experience, examine what outcomes are really necessary for the job.
  4. If you work with third party recruiters,ensure they understand the hiring needs of your business and ask them to provide job-ready candidates.
  5. Join Canadian Business SenseAbility and display the SenseAbility logo on your website and career postings, so that candidates with disabilities know you welcome their application.