Diversity Self-Declaration

Discover Ability Network supports greater opportunities for job seekers with disabilities through a partnership with Magnet, a job matching tool developed at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Job seekers can create a free account to browse jobs across Canada and receive invitations to apply to opportunities that match their skills, experience, and goals.

Your account gives you the option to self-declare as a person with a disability. When employers share a job opportunity through the platform, they can choose to target job seekers who have self-declared, helping you match with employers who value diversity and equity.

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Tools for You

How and when do you disclose a disability? How can you best show an employer how your skills can further their values and success?

The Discover Ability Network is proud to offer free resources that you can browse through on our website. These resources will help you navigate these important questions so you find the right opportunities as your career continues to grow.

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Employers know that a diverse, inclusive workplace that brings together a range of knowledge, experience, and perspectives is one that’s better suited to innovation and success.

Research continues to show that persons with disabilities help businesses achieve greater competitiveness and resiliency.

The Discover Ability Network was created so that your skills and experience can stand out and make it easier for employers to find you.

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