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Statistics Canada Report on Employment and Disability 2017

Canadians with disabilities: A demographic, employment and income profile, 2017 An estimated one in five Canadians (or 6.2 million) aged 15 years and over had one or more disabilities that limited […]

Inclusive Employment for Canadians with Disabilities

Canadians with disabilities have consistently experienced low levels of employment, as well as barriers in the educational, economic and social spheres. They face massive obstacles in […]

Partnership Council on Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities: Initial Report (2016)

The Ontario government has made it clear: hiring qualified people with disabilities is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for business and good […]

Rethinking Disability in The Private Sector: Report from the Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (2013)

In July 2012, the Government of Canada appointed a panel to consult with private sector employers, as well as other organizations and individuals, on the labour […]

Statistics Canada Report on Employment and Disability 2011

The employment rate of Canadians aged 25 to 64 with disabilities was 49% in 2011, compared with 79% for Canadians without a disability. Among those with a ‘very severe’ disability, the employment rate […]

Doing Disability At the Bank: Discovering the Work of Learning/Teaching Done by Disabled Bank Employees

Doing Disability at the Bank is one of twelve case studies associated with the research network called The Changing Nature of Work and Lifelong Learning in […]