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Jay Barnard: Empowering Recovery & Transforming Lives | Inspiring Stories Across Canada

Executive Director Empower2Recover Foundation  Founder of Hype Recovery Coaching  Motivational Speaker & Mental Health Advocate Jay Barnard is the Executive Director of the Empower2Recover Foundation which is […]

Justine Fedak | Corporate Hippie; CMO & Head of Culture at BIÂN

Justine Fedak is a self-declared Corporate Hippie. She is the CMO and Head of Culture BIÂN. She was the former Chief Brand Strategist, Pollara Strategic Insights […]

Nikki Gore │ auticon Canada

Nikki Gore is a Global marketing leader with 25+ years’ experience developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies and building high-performance marketing teams for B2B technology companies. […]

Julie Cole, Co-Founder and Senior Director Public Relations | Mabel’s Labels Inc.

Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She has helped her company bring their product to a worldwide market, gain […]

Dawn Nikita │ Softchoice

Dawn Nikita works as a Senior Talent Advisor for Softchoice. She is passionate about diversity, accessibility, and talent acquisition. Dawn believes that there is special place […]

Melissa Conners │ Sole Proprietor Melissa Conners Paralegal

As a paralegal and business owner, Melissa Conners navigates the Canadian justice system, as well as navigating how to overcome the physical limitations she sustained in […]

Aaron Jake Inocencio │A unique perspective

Aaron Inocencio has a detail-oriented mind and uses a systematic, organized approach to any design project. While managing a disability, he has been involved in college […]

Zeus Andre Sequeira │ Embracing success

  Zeus Andre Sequeira is no stranger to overcoming challenges – it has become a way of life for him since the day he was born. […]