You want to find the best person for the job. Do you pick the person who looks you in the eye, shakes your hand firmly, or who has the most educational experience?

You are looking for the best fit – the employee who can do the job and be happy in your workplace. That means selecting candidates based on their ability to do the job, not on how they look or on first impressions.

Relying on ‘gut feel’ or intuition may get us the candidate we like, or more often, someone who is like us. But ‘gut feel’ rarely leads to a person who is right for the job.

Be bold. Try a new approach. Take chances. The results will be rewarding.

  • Plan an interview (PDF, 96 KB) that it is fair for everyone, and identifies who has the needed skills, not the best handshake. Plan.
  • Ask interview questions (PDF, 170 KB) that give everyone an equal chance to land the job. Evaluate everyone on the same criteria by using an standard assessment.
  • Train. Train your recruiters or interviewers on how to conduct an inclusive interview.
  • Partner. If you work through a service agency that specializes in job placements for people with disabilities, they might suggest job carving.
  • Disclose. If you have staff with disabilities, include them on your interview panel. It will encourage disclosure.

Don’t be stuck in the past. Just because you have always recruited or interviewed the same way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. Take your hiring return to the next level with Magnet.

Learn more about job carving

In some businesses, it might be practical to create a custom job, from existing positions, that best utilizes everyone’s skills. This can work for entry level positions, but also for more specialized job roles where you can maximize everyone’s abilities.

Job carving involves re-assigning tasks to make everyone more efficient.

  • Entry Level Employees: Are there tasks better suited to a part-time or new hire? This might include photocopying, answering the telephone, ordering office supplies, or organizing space for meetings. A placement agency can identify common and repetitive tasks, or pinpoint bottlenecks in your organization where job carving would make your company more efficient.
  • Mid and Senior Level Employees: Are there tasks better suited to a skill set? Is an area of your company growing, and you need to re-allocate workload to maximize everyone’s efficiency? For instance, encourage sales teams to work together – a strong sales person with weak written skills could spend more time on cold calling and reporting functions could be assigned to someone with strong written skills.

Be creative. Take chances. Re-allocate tasks to maximize everyone’s abilities and skills.

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